Friday, October 31, 2014

Webster Wants Equal Time

He wants his bed featured too so here it is. 

Tabitha, Bedded Down Last Night

I took this photo of Tabitha in her cat basket last night before I moved her so there would be room for me to get on my side of the bed. I always pull parts of the sweater through the woven willow branches of her cat basket so she will have high sides for optimum warmth. My huge, heavy, plaid woolen blanket on top of my spread kept me warm too. My furnace clicked on this morning and the radiators are nice and hot on a gray Friday morning. It's a good day to work inside. See you later. xo

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Rainy Day

I find this so restful to look at before bedtime. No, it's not raining here yet but will be by the weekend. I get my best work done on rainy days so I'm looking forward to being forced to stay inside and buckle down. See you in the morning. via

Warm your Hands by the Fire

My cottage feels like a tomb. It's pretty nice outside in the sunshine but cold inside. I've been rushing around all day so it hasn't mattered much but now that I'm sitting down I'd like some warmth. I have those plug-in oil-filled radiators up in the attic and one is beside my computer chair. Maybe I'll go up there and do some work and get warm. See you later. Have you had your first fire this season yet? xo Animated gif found here.

Stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg's Home

Antique drop leaf tables make the best desks.

I have never seen a wire tower this small. Love it!

Isn't it fun to see how a stylist decorates her own home? Like what you see? More photos here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out of the Mist

I love fog and a good mist, don't you? via
I'm tucking in pretty soon under my down blanket. My house is cold. BRRR.

Free Printable: Weekly "TO DO LIST"

Download here. Thanks to this website. I have an old clipboard somewhere. Now I must go and look for it. xo

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gorgeous Entrance

Yes, please.
I love it all. The door surround, the planters, and the plantings. I would love to see the whole house, inside and out. I know I would love it. via

Most Beautiful Garden I've Ever Seen!

Picking vegetables at the Eden Project - St Blazey, Cornwall, England by franieK
This garden makes two things I love about Cornwall. The first one is Doc Martin. I wonder when we will get the next episode? Can't wait! xo

Sunday, October 26, 2014

After Yesterday's Mowing

Today was another beautiful day but much cooler with blustery wind. I'm glad I picked yesterday to mow. Today I cut down some invasive weed trees with a hand saw and started raking my driveway. Little by little, I'm getting my fall cleanup down on time this year. It makes me gasp and when I think about three years ago when it snowed a lot over Halloween weekend and the trees still had most of their leaves. Maybe it was 4 years ago. Anyway, I want to stay on Mother Nature's good side this year and play nice with her so she doesn't throw another tantrum. I took this photo this afternoon from my balcony. Hope you had a good weekend too. Now off to my bed to watch Masterpiece Mystery on PBS -- Death Comes to Pemberley. Enjoy. xo

Delightful Vintage Decor

See more photos of this restored blacksmith shop in upstate New York here.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elephants like Halloween too!

What a good use for Jack O'Lanterns after Halloween is over.
I had the busiest day ever and ended up spending the entire afternoon mowing, raking, and pruning. I got all my mowing done. The weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold and the grass was nice and dry. I'm so glad I waited until after the rain in the middle of the week. It's nice and short and hopefully the remaining leaves will blow away. Most of them have already fallen except on several trees that don't lose their leaves until the very end of autumn. I'm tired, but in a good way. Enjoy your Saturday evening. I'm going to look for a good movie to watch. xo

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nature at Her Best

Here is a lovely image to sign off with tonight. skeleton coast.. namib desert… namibia
I worked upstairs off and on today but with much less enthusiasm than yesterday. The sunny day kept calling me to be outside in it. I found a stereo with nice speakers in one of the cupboards in my bedroom and I hooked it up today. I had forgotten all about owning it! I got out all of my CDs and I'm listening to some beautiful Baroque music before I go downstairs to call it a day. Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow. xo

Stop the Telephone Books

This is great, isn't it? I get my phone books through the post office and the trash can there is full of them. Most people don't even bother to take them home because someone will eventually throw one in a plastic bag in your driveway. via

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Worked in My Attic All Day Today

No, this isn't my attic. Isn't it nice? I worked upstairs all day today and made a big dent in the clutter. A rainy day is perfect for organizing and I put it to good use. My fingers feel all wrinkly from spraying kitchen counter cleaner on all horizontal surfaces. I'm still far from finished but it's looking good. Our town library is having an e-waste day on Saturday. I found an ancient laptop that weighs a ton and I'm going to take it there and have them remove the hard drive. I'm taking some old printers too. It feels so good to see stuff leaving the house. When I get closer to being finished I'll post my pictures. In the meantime, here's an article about attic workspaces. Good night all. xo

Great Advice from Frank Lloyd Wright

I whole heartedly agree! via

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Dining Area

The dining part of this living room/dining room combination is very charming. Who needs a separate room? I love to see a fireplace in or near a big eating table, don't you? It rained all day and it's still raining and I am up way later than usual. I'm getting ready to hit the hay in a few. Good night all. xo

Nice CountryTouches in Modern Bathroom and Kitchen

Contemporary bathroom with country-style touches.

Displaying kitchen accessories in a creative way not only solves the problem of storage, but also creates a feature that is a guaranteed talking point. From the peg rail and boards to the tableware, the use of wood creates a soft contrast against the more obviously modern tableware. Using a pale yellow paint and wood harks back to the traditional, but the blend of accessories brings this kitchen into the modern day. Read more and view more photos here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tabitha in Her Cat Basket

Your wish is my command. I just went into my bedroom to snap this photo of Tabitha in her cat basket on my unmade bed. She has been outside already and has had breakfast. Now she's down for a morning nap. She has such a good life, doesn't she? Old woolen sweaters are her favorite bedding material. I have a blanket on top of my bedspread that is the color of her fur in case she gets out of the basket to sleep in another spot. Have a great day. xo

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sleep Time Comes Earlier and Earlier

I can't believe I'm already dressed for bed and it's not even 8:00. In the summer I stay up much later. There's just something about the dark that makes me want to go to bed. I have a few recorded programs to watch and I'll get an early start tonight. Isn't this basket of sleeping puppies the best? Tabitha is curled up in her basket and it's on my bed. That's how she likes to sleep these days. Enjoy your evening and I'll see you in the morning. via

Painted Stairs

This is such a clever idea. Painted steps to look like those old feed sacks that usually have red stripes instead of blue.  I like the grab bar too. via

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don't Forget to Bring Your Plants Inside Tonight

It's supposed to get cold tonight and I must bring two geraniums inside for the winter. Did you bring in the things you want to overwinter yet? It's time! Aren't these topiaries pretty on this antique wire plant stand? It's in the perfect spot too. xo

Great Sewing and Craft Work Room

Isn't this wonderful? I'm well on my way to putting my third floor in order so I can work up there again. For a long time, it has been a repository for things that didn't have a home. I'm almost finished and I'm so happy. Below you will see the small, long section of my attic where I had a window installed last year when I had my house painted. It is now a packing and wrapping room for gifts and my ebay endeavors. I'm back on track again and it feels so good. 

There is no heat or airconditioning in this part of my attic that has the lowest roofline and no dormers. The airconditioning unit is behind the doors to the right and I could always have a vent put in this area but so far it hasn't been necessary. I have to move my table when I have the unit serviced. There is a door where I was standing to take this photo so I can close this area off completely. When I was remodeling my cottage, I never imagined I would outfit the room like this but I'm glad I have it. It's deeper than it looks in this photo and I can stand up straight in the middle. The doorway is low and I still bump my head on a regular basis. Enjoy your Sunday and I'll see you later. xo

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Double Walk-in Shower

WOW. This is spectacular. Love the river rock floor and the tub in the shower. What a view. via

Black and White Mud/Laundry Room

This is wonderful, isn't it. Take off your dirty work clothes the minute you come inside. I actually have a dust buster in my closet so I can vacuum up the leaves and debris that get trapped in my rolled up pant legs when I walk Webster. I love this room! via
I need to cut my grass so it will be nice and short for the leaves that have started to fall. It is going to be a chilly weekend so maybe I'll buy a can of gas when I go out this morning. Have a great weekend.